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The year 2020 has been a tumultuous one for us all. Not only did we retreat to the relative safety of our homes, but many around us and within our immediate circles fell ill and some lost their lives.It is in the midst of this fear and sorrow that we have re-discovered our capacity for kindness and for gratitude.

You will be pleased to know that WK UWCSA coped remarkably well with the school year. All students who could travel home were dispatched off campus within a day. Most staff continued to work remotely. Within 4 weeks, the school had established a remote teaching and learning capacity that worked incredibly well. With additional donor support, they were able to support the learners who struggled to access WiFi or had related needs. Not only has no student been left behind, but most have thrived and achieved their academic goals.
This apparently seamless transition was due to the team effort of the staff and headmaster, confirming the sound culture and foundations of the school.
Sadly, we must now bid the headmaster, Stephen Lowry, farewell as he embarks on his next career experience. I believe we can all recall every headmaster that guided us through our time at WK, such is the lasting impact they have on our hearts. Stephen’s parting words at the final assembly were “Live lives of significance rather than of success”
The alumni body is indeed testimony to striving to meet this high objective wherever they are. We trust that you have been able to reconnect in some way with WK UWCSA during the year. Many joined the alumni webinars that were put together by the Advancement Office. This newsletter from the WK Foundation of SA serves to get in touch, refresh your connection with the school, and wish you all of the best for 2021.