Uni Prep Workshop

The University Prep Workshop was first held in 2019. It is an annual event organized for the IB3s. The event will involve alumni who have been to universities around the world. Do you want to be part of the 2021 UNIVERSITY PREP WORKSHOP? EMAIL engagement@waterford.sz to register as a participant or panelist


  • The workshop is a one-day workshop, after the second term (July/early August).
  • Alumni who are attending, or have attended, University abroad are invited to be part of the panel(s).
  • IB3s are invited to attend
  •  The event incorporates
    • Themed Talks (e.g. finding a Job in University, Dating abroad, Homesickness etc.)
    • Smaller discussions
    • Q&A sessions


MARCH 2021

So You Have Received University Responses, Now What? RSVP at engagement@waterford.sz