“We are Kamhlabans, we are Warriors, we aren’t Invincible” but we are STRONGER TOGETHER!


The impacts of the coronavirus have been felt on our campus and in our broader community. As Waterfordians, We have adapted but we have also experienced loss. We have lost members of the community who have been effecting change at an individual level – amongst family and friends – at a local and an international level. At this time, the main driving force is hope, hope that the vaccines will be made available to curb infections, hope that we will adapt to the new ‘normal’ and live to see better days, hope that, where we experience loss, we will have each other to lean on. We have seen it and believe that the community will continue to stand together in these trying times.

This page has been created to celebrate the legacy that our alumni leave behind, at a small scale and at a large scale. Please share your stories and memories with us via email ( or THIS form