Alumni Profiles

Waterford Kamhlaba alumni are involved in a number of incredible programmes, driving an agenda for positive change in their communities throughout the world. There is nothing as fulfilling as seeing our alumni taking with them the UWC values and ethos wherever they go.

November 2021

Mopani Mkandawire (United Kingdom, WK 03 – 05)

“Waterford did not play a role directly to this career path. However it played what I believe is an even bigger role. That is it taught me life skills and a leadership mentality like no other school I had come across. E.g. managing your own pocket money, living without parents, travelling alone, relationship building, managing school work and daily life hustle without mom & dad.”


September 2021

Kai Uwe Bauer (Germany, WK 89-91)

“I was really fascinated by the human physiology component of biology, and remember making huge life-sized diagrams of the human body with annotations across important systems. Ms Willmot, while stern, was an incredible teacher – she was very instrumental in inspiring me towards my path today. Various experiences have also given me tremendous exposure to the empathetic, compassionate side of medicine.”


April 2021

Zanele Thabede-Vilakati (Eswatini-WK ’99)