Alumni Giving

There are many ways to support the kamhlaba legacy

We passionately believe that all young people must be given access to an education of the highest standard to enable them to realise their potential. Waterford Kamhlaba UWCSA is proud to deliver that opportunity to a diverse student body.




Scholarships are a strategic priority for Waterford. Gifts enhance the diversity of Waterford Kamhlaba UWCSA and expand the reach of the Scholarship Programme; enabling these experiences to be as rewarding as possible. WK is committed to diversity and aims to have as many students from different national, cultural, religious and socio-economic backgrounds as possible. Scholarships are offered to students who do well in the application process but can not afford to attend WK. Financial aid is both need and merit based.

Over 80% of national committee selected students receive scholarships . To make this possible, UWC must raise at least $60M USD every year. To continue passing on the UWC experience to more people from diverse backgrounds, the contributions of our community members are crucial. 


Community Service has been an integral part of a Waterford education since the founding of the school in 1963. By doing service, students discover that they can help to change the world through courageous action, personal example and selfless leadership.

Capital Projects

Learning in positive and motivating surroundings enhances the aptitude of our students. Gifts to the college’s capital campaign help transform the learning environment.





This is a fund-raising facilitator developed by the Waterford Kamhlaba UWCSA Advancement Office and the Waterford Kamhlaba Foundation of South Africa. The Foundation is  a charity registered in South Africa and supported by WK alumni. We want to inspire students and alumni to set up their own ‘Kamhlaba Challenges’ to assist the School’s Scholarship Programme, to help maintain and develop the physical fabric of the School, and to support the School’s amazing community engagement partnerships. Please look at the School’s ‘Contribute’ website and you’ll see what we mean!

All funds donated are channeled via the secure PayFast platform to the WK Foundation Charity account and from there directly to the School.


  • Volunteer for and support the national committee from your home country or country of residence
  • Share your feedback on how to enhance the UWC experience for future students
  • Share your alumni stories
  • Volunteer for your UWC school 
  • Support an existing UWCx initiative
  • Celebrate and participate in a UWC Day event
  • Become a host for UWC students during the holidays
  • Support your school with the UWC Pledge initiative by sharing your perspective on the UWC Pledge as an alum 
  • Host a student or provide support organising a placement for your UWC School’s Project Week
  • Give your time in another way – please provide further details here:


  • Use your knowledge and experience to mentor other UWC alumni
  • Facilitate or lead a UWC short course
  • Start your own UWCx initiative
  • Organise a UWC Day event
  • Return to WK UWC school as a guest speaker

If you have additional suggestions, email