Come Dine with Me – A Kamhlaba Challenge Event

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The main purpose of this cause is staff development. The COVID-19 epidemic has changed education forever. Not only have teachers had to deal with the frequent disruptions to normal lessons, but adapt their style and delivery of teaching to accommodate online and off-campus learning. This, they have done with little and often no training and development to adapt their material and teaching style to the online environment. They are under immense pressure to maintain standards of teaching despite in this changing environment. They need the support to adapt, develop and be exposed to the latest teaching tools and platforms so that they can continue to do what they do, to the best of their abilities. I would also like to believe that never before have parents appreciated the role that teachers play in the education, grounding and rounding of young students.  

For those who have the energy to prepare a dinner, the menu is chicken or beef or vegetarian – make it your choice. It is all about having fun and making this an enjoyable evening of connecting and contributing.


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