Alumni Post: Solidarity Eswatini

Post by Solidarity Eswatini

As most of you will already already know, a lot has been happening in Eswatini over the last few weeks. You can find out more on the Solidarity Eswatini website where we have created an information and resource portal for the 2021 protests:

About the National Protests

The national protest actions have been met with excessive, violent force – and there have already been over 75 deaths and over 100 serious bullet related injuries. These are currently going through an arduous but important verification process. There have also been an alarmingly high amount of fast-tracked prosecutions for minor offences – such as E4,000 bail for blowing a whistle, and a two-year prison sentence for burning tires. To say that the response has been violent and excessive is an understatement. The subsequent arrest of two of the Members of Parliament further complicates the issue, sending the nation in the opposite direction of “dialogue and change” that so many are asking for.

Whilst the situation is currently “calm” on a street live, tensions, anger and uncertainty remain high. We are mobilizing assistance on the ground using the resources we have currently available – but that will only go so far over the next few weeks. Therefore we have also just released a new online fundraiser to assist with the severity of the issue at hand. 

How you can Support

Please visit and donate if you are able, and share with your friends and family:

The funds will be going towards urgent humanitarian assistance, offering (with/through our partners) immediate financial, medical, mental and emotional assistance for individuals and families affected during this intense and difficult time. With COVID rates starting to soar again we are in for a difficult few months ahead. 

All the information concerning our plans and goals for the funds are outlined in the link, but please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

About Solidary Eswatini

Solidarity Eswatini (SE) is a mutual-aid action group focused on resilient, sustainable and creative community projects established in 2020

SE began during COVID-19 lockdown, with the initial projects addressing the immediacy of providing families and community kitchens with urgent food and hygiene supplies. We supplemented this with fresh produce sourced from local farmers, as well as seasonal grower kits for sustainable community gardens.

Through solidarity and the forging of local partnerships and connections, we can make mutual aid and assistance more than just about charity – it can be the building of bridges for a more resilient, equitable and sustainable future together.

Solidarity Eswatini –

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