As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to ravage the world, we remain hopeful that there are better days ahead! Our community has been affected by this situation but we hope that out of this dark cloud a better tomorrow will emerge and we know that we are stronger than this virus; we shall eventually overcome it! More than any other time in history, we are called upon to work together to support each other as well as to look into the future with optimism despite the prevailing condition.

 “When the virus struck in March 2020, it was all very uncertain,” says Anna Dieter, a Maths teacher at WK. We all did not have any idea what the implications of this virus would be across the world. We had to make quick choices. Members of the WK community, including staff, had to adjust to the new “normal.” Anna notes that one of the choices she had to make was whether or not to return home in the US. “I chose to stay in Eswatini. When we first started online teaching and learning, everyone had their video on but now you can barely get anyone to turn their video on,” she says. A year ago, there was hope that all would be well sooner than later. A year later, the WHO records indicate that over 96 million Covid cases have been reported with over 2 million Covid-related deaths.

The impacts of the coronavirus have not only been felt on our campus but within our broader school community. As Waterfordians, we have had to make adjustments through trial and error. We have adapted but we have also experienced loss. We have lost members of the community who have been effecting change at an individual level – amongst family and friends – at a local and an international level. Please take a moment of silence in memory of our community members, including alumni, who have lost lives or their loved ones due to the pandemic. Our thoughts and hopes are with each one of you.

At this time, the main driving force is hope, hope that the vaccines will be made available to curb infections, hope that we will adapt to the new ‘normal’ and live to see better days, hope that, where we experience loss, we will have each other to lean on. We have seen it and believe that the community will continue to stand together in these trying times. In a statement earlier this year, WK’s new principal Patricia Angoy noted that “it is not an easy time in the world and there is uncertainty, with significant challenges.” We remain hopeful because, as Michelle Obama says, “history has shown us that courage can be contagious and hope can take on a life of its own.”

In the words of a fellow alum, “We are Kamhlabans, we are warriors, we aren’t invincible” but, more than anything, we are stronger together!

View the alumni memoriam page HERE and share memories and stories with us.

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