WK Work Wednesdays


(August 26 2020)


National consultant to provide Technical Assistance in digital, media and branding communication




Scope of Work

Goal and Objective:

The overall aim of this consultancy is to produce communication products and materials in a timely manner to support Country Office communication activities and regional and global campaigns including assisting with content and story generation for digital platforms working closely with the Communication Specialist.

More specifically the consultant will be responsible for the following:

Communications And External Relations Support

Produce advocacy and communication materials such as images, videos, web pages that meet the country and global standardsAssist in drafting articles, human interest stories, social media stories and other advocacy materials for both web-based and traditional media as appropriateIncrease UNICEF Eswatini’ s social media reach by expanding presence at all relevant social media platforms (twitter, facebook, instagram)Prepare social media plan for all programmes including flagship events, initiatives and campaigns;Support UNICEF branding, including graphic design of print materials

Website update and content management

Manage Country Office website and social media accounts daily and ensure dissemination of key stories;Generate interest pieces for social media in collaboration with all sections

Support with basic visibility design and implementation

Adapt multimedia assets for the local Eswatini audiences;Create and maintain photo, video, design samples library in good orderParticipate in different communications and advocacy events, field trips and campaigns to generate (live) social media content

Work relationships:

The Consultant will work under the supervision of the Communication Specialist (UNICEF) with technical guidance from the Deputy Representative and Chiefs of Programmes.


Consultant for Adolescent Girls and Young Women (AGYW) Policy Research

ENTITY: African Constituency Bureau for the Global Fund (ACB)

LOCATION: Various Locations

DEADLINE: Aug 30, 2020


DELIVERABLES Under this assignment, the consultant is expected to deliver the following outputs:

  • Provide an inception report detaining how the work will be achieved. This should be provided one week after signing the contract.
  • A draft report detailing priority issues identified as strategic to Africa towards the next Global Fund strategy, the key findings and recommendations.
  • A final report, no more than 50 pages, and making use of annexes, detailing the key findings, including:
  • A 3-paged Executive Summary of the desk research providing a synopsis of the key findings and recommendations;
  • Document some best practices globally and in Africa;
  • Recommendations relevant for African countries on how to achieve their various resolutions and commitments towards increased domestic health spending. The recommendations must also be categorical on what role the Global Fund should play towards catalyzing increased domestic spending for health; and
  • A PowerPoint presentation detailing the key findings of the desk review.


  • An advanced university degree in health economics, health policy, public policy, public health or relevant social sciences such as economics, MBA, etc. 
  • A PhD in a relevant field will be an added advantage.


  • Preferred: A health economist subject matter expert with a minimum of 10 years of experience in global health.
  • Experience undertaking evaluations of HIV programs in Africa and key population interventions in particular.
  • Experience with publishing peer-reviewed scholarly articles, including on various aspects of HIV among key populations in Africa.
  • Experience with disseminating research findings and making conference presentations with relevant stakeholders.



If you know of any opportunities that you think would be of interest to fellow WK alumni – please email us at alumni@waterford.sz so we can share the information through our network. Thank you! 

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